Re: How hard a Singularity?

From: Tomaz Kristan (
Date: Fri Jul 05 2002 - 10:50:23 MDT

On Thu, 04 July 2002, James Higgins wrote:

> True, but irrelevant. All successful
> friendly SIs should have similar
> behavior (since they would be friendly).
> So which SI we are talking about
> does not make any difference
> (as long as it is a friendly one).

True. True. Only the "other Singularity" ISN'T nearby.

> What do you mean by "But nobody asks"?
No _Singularity_ asks nothing. Since there is none. It was an argument before, that "maybe we are on unused matter". If we were, the Singularity would asked, if it's okay with us. Nobody asks nothing - ergo no Singularity.

Probably I should make myself very clear and resolute:

- There is no God (and no (healthy) Singularity) around, since ve just couldn't let things as they are. A day trip to Sub Sahel Africa, or a visit to the cancer department of the local hospital, should clarify this to anyone.

- The concept of God is a naive ferry tale for the less intelligent folk.

- The techno Singularity has about 80% chances to come about here on the Earth by 2020. And IS NOT very hard to ignite.

- Even the Singularity has it's limits. Natural laws.

For example, if it's possible to send an information with the "Flandern's gravity speed" ... there is no Singularity in the whole Universe, at this time also. And if it's so, our Singularity will cover the whole Universe in a 1000 years or so. I said IF.

- Thomas

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