RE: Catholics and the Singularity

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sun Jun 30 2002 - 17:14:48 MDT

> I am losing track. Why on earth does it matter? The concern
> should be for dedication to the truth. The truth doesn't have
> this or that sectarian or philsophical brand on it, it is simply
> true. Those that cling to some such brand have given up the
> dedication to truth and instead are content to wave their
> labeled something around claiming it is all there is and that it
> is better than all other labeled somethings. BAH. Why should
> our AGI or any intelligent being be overly worried or concerned
> when encountering such?
> - samantha

I agree with the above sentiment. However, Eliezer seems to want the AGI to
please all humans, including those who hold to "this or that sectarian of
philosophical grand." I don't think this is possible; I don't think it's
possible to come even vaguely close to this.

I think that, as with all other innovations in history [albeit this is
immensely bigger than any other event in human history!], some of the being
that grew up before it will never get used to it, but the vast majority of
minds created *after* the AGI is there will take it as a matter of course...

ben g

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