RE: Military Friendly AI

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 21:57:50 MDT


> At 06:32 PM 6/28/2002 -0600, Ben Goertzel wrote:
> >Novamente does not yet have a goal system at all, this will be
> implemented,
> >at my best guess, perhaps at the very end of 2002 or the start of 2003.
> >Currently we are just testing various cognitive and perceptual
> mechanisms,
> >and not yet experimenting with autonomous goal-directed behavior.
> Boy, you really don't have much chance of a hard takeoff yet.

No, as I keep saying, we have NO chance of one yet. First we need to
implement the whole damn design.

Webmind had more of a chance, as it was more nearly complete, but it also
had a nasty habit of running out of memory and slowing to a crawl ;< (a
problem overcome by Novamente's totally different architecture.)

> Based on your current state of progress I wouldn't say this is required
> ASAP, but you should be at least planning this. And you should have it
> implemented and tested before the goal system goes live I'd suggest.

> I've had similar indications to yours, it seems. Though, thankfully, my
> wife is open to the idea of immortality. Actually, let me hold
> off on that
> "thankfully" for a thousand years or so. No one knows what a 1,000+ year
> marriage would be like yet. ;)

Well, you could always clone yourself and stick your clone with the wife...

only to discover your wife had done the same centuries ago ;->

ben g

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