RE: Who will launch the Singularity?

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 17:50:41 MDT

RE: Who will launch the Singularity?
Could be, Rafal, but many things are unclear.

One thing that IS clear is that, the more hardware you have, the smarter an
AI you'll have (assuming a fixed software system, with reasonable scaling
properties, like Novamente)

However, there are a couple possibilities that could prevent gov't from

1) It may be possible to achieve superhuman level AGI with a relatively
small amount of hardware -- we really don't know what the hardware reqs of
an AGI will be till we have one

2) A major corporation may lead the way to AGI, by developing it themselves
or by acquiring or partnering with an AGI startup, or by hiring the
university researchers who have created the prototype AGI. In this case the
cash for big hardware comes from the private sector not the gov't.

-- Ben G

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  Ben wrote:

  I think there will come a time where a lot of computer hardware is the key
to further progress. But that's it, really... I don't think any other kind
of "muscle" providable by gov't or big industry will be important

  ### So the SAI's first interlocutors *might* be the generals, or god
forbid, the current commander in chief, if re-elected! Scary.


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