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From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 16:28:48 MDT

1) There are clearly problems that have been solved by human groups, but
could not plausibly have been solved by any individual human.... In my own
work, the Novamente team as a group has solved problems that none of us
individually could have solved. I think that collaboration fundamentally
increases the space of approachable problems. how much so, is not easy to

2) I'm not convinced that AGI or FAI are the most complex problems the human
race has ever confronted. Hard to say, really.... The real difficulty of a
problem is often clear only in retrospect! Are these problems harder than
unifying physics, or figuring out how the genome produces the cell? harder
than inventing quantum theory was? Who knows! This is not a very important
issue though.

ben g

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> Ben Goertzel wrote:
> > Of course, human minds occupy only a small corner of "mind
> space" overall
> >
> > However, human collectives occupy a larger subspace than
> individual human
> > minds....
> >
> > In the worst case, a collective can be vastly stupider than any of the
> > individual members; in the best case it can be vastly smarter...
> I think Eliezer is right on this one. A human committee at its
> best makes a decision in the human cognitive space that most
> balances the different subjectivities and knowledge of its
> participants and those they represent. This is wonderful for
> things that can be addressed adequately within the human
> cognitive space. On issues that cannot be addressed adequately
> there the collective make make the humans happier but it will
> not help with the problem itself. I believe that SAI is simply
> the most complex of an increasing set of problems that are or
> have evolved to be beyond the capabilities of human cognitive
> space.
> - samantha

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