RE: How hard a Singularity?

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 07:45:54 MDT

hi stephen,

As for the trustworthiness and ethical-ness of the US military, I guess
we're not likely to come to agreement, and there's no use to pollute SL4
with a long discussion of military history from 2 perspectives.

Please know that I have plenty of friendships & collaborations with people
with whom I have deeply-held political disagreements!


> Not only do I have the opposite opinion, I believe that as the evidence
> mounts that an AGI is possible, the government - and in particular the US
> government will take the leading role. I believe this from my
> understanding of the dynamics of how our government institutions have
> responded to the great technical challenges over my lifetime - The Space
> Race, the War On Cancer, Safe Cars, Solar Energy, The AIDS Epidemic ...
> I do not see any non-governmental organization as the front-runner. The
> actual work of developing and educating the Seed AI would in my opinion be
> performed by private contracting companies - somewhat in competition with
> each other.

I think that the AGI portion of the Singularity may be different because of
its speed. By the time the gov't has started to pay attention, things may
be going so fast it can't do anything about it...

But if the progress from here to the human-level-AI phase is slower than I'm
hoping/suspecting, you may be right. The US military has been by far the
greatest funder of AI so far.

-- Ben

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