Re: How hard a Singularity?

From: Aaron McBride (
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 18:14:52 MDT

At 04:26 PM 6/25/2002 -0700, you wrote:

>Hell, if I had to give the answer to "623 + 377" but giving the wrong
>answer would kill, well, even ONE person I'd get like 10 other opinions
>before answering! And if even one of them was different I'd get 20 more, etc.
>James Higgins

What if the situation were changed to:
for every min. you did not answer - someone died
and if you answered wrong - 10 people died.

Let's say you're 90% (+-5%) sure that the answer is: 1000. Would you still
take the time to consult with someone else? With ten others? What if 1
out of the 10 you consult says the answer is 990? Would you still get 20

It is rational to check with others to see if your theories of
Friendliness, but it doesn't make sense to not move forward just because
someone disagrees.


*The real solutions depends on how long it takes to do the consulting.

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