Re: A Value System

From: Joel Pitt (
Date: Wed Jun 19 2002 - 15:57:59 MDT

aominux wrote:
> */James Rogers <>/* wrote:
> >If we did, we could
> >essentially call any random number generator an Oracle Of All Knowledge.
> Keep in mind that a random number generator is only as entropic as the
> code that defines it. Just because a 5k "random" (pretend I used to
> right word there) data generating executable can output "random" (again)
> data doesn't mean it is more entropic than a 4000k mp3. It's even more
> complicated than that, but describing "data" is far beyond my writing
> abilities.

James didn't mention anything about it being an executable or
pseudo-random number generator. There are plenty of sources
to obtain random noise/numbers from. Many are easily
attached to a serial port, so an 5k executable could in fact
provide much more entropy than is defined within itself.

Heh, I could even use my PCI TV Card tuned to a random frequency


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