Re: Books on rationality... uh, Philosophy?

From: Martin Moore (
Date: Sun Jun 09 2002 - 13:45:53 MDT

Then I stand corrected. The thread would be better
discussed under another heading, although it had
already evolved into a discussion of philosophy (and I
don't see how it couldn't have) before I chimed in.

If Philosophy is currently being defined as a search
for "the meaning of life" and "Philosophy 101" is now
taught in this vein, then I am behind the times and
hopelessly off-topic. Though I suspect that, as Ben
and Eliezer demonstrated, should Gordon continue his
efforts to arrive at a "'How-to guide' for thinking
more rationally", he may just find that philosophy
stands squarely in his way. This is especially true if
philosophy has remained a discipline which
investigates logic, aesthetics, ethics, and
epistemology. However, if the field is no longer
concerned with analyzing the structure of reality and
our knowledge of it using the rational approach of
logical reasoning, I am no longer interested in the
field myself!

Until such point, I will continue to read greedily all
posts on this topic, no matter the subject line.



--- Michael Roy Ames <>
> I think Gordon is trying to put together a book that
> is a 'How-to guide' for
> thinking more rationally, rather than a 'Meaning of
> Life' exposition. He is
> trying to produce some educational material on
> 'practical ways you can
> overcome evolutionary and social programming',
> rather than 'Philosophy 101'.
> (Please correct me if I'm mistaken G.W.)

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