RE: Consciousness.

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Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 13:28:29 MDT

Mike, it's a valid insight, and it's been made before ;) Look at Gerald
Edelman's recent book on consciousness for example...

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  I just had a thought! I should share this with someone. I know, I'll
tell my friends. Wait a minute, I don't have any friends. Okay, I'll send
it to the list.

  Background: we are aware of visual perceptions because we have a visual
sensory modality. Likewise with the other perceptions, hearing, touch...

  Thought: we are aware of our thoughts because consciousness is a sensory
modality, with an underlying neurological architechiture including filters,
smoothing, feature detectors, concept identification, and feedback to the
modality input (day dreaming).

  I don't remember seeing this in any of the cognitive models I've read
about. Either I'm woefully ignorant or I've had an original thought, or
both. Not having an educational background in cognitive science I don't
know which if either, or both, or neither, or whatever.


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