RE: A New Kind of Science

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 09:26:09 MDT

> > I agree with his philosophical position but I think that, due to lack
> > of time spent pondering and analyzing the details of cognition and
> > experiential learning, he overestimates the simplicity of the rules
> > underlying emergent cognitive behavior (although I'm sure these rules
> > can be made very very simple compared to the emergent behaviors, I
> > don't think they can be made as simple as he does)
> It depends -- you could put the bulk of complexity into the CA state, not
> the rule.

I understand, but that is not what he advocates...

> What is more interesting (I haven't received my book yet), is
> whether he's offering guidance for finding minimal rules, engineering
> pattern emergence. Does he?

Yeah, he does, but I am not sure to what extent yet, as I have not yet
studied the whole book carefully.

He does not do so in a really generally systematized way, but he does so in
a moderately specialized way in each domain area he considers. It may be
that the book as a whole gets across a "generalized intuition" in this


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