RE: [JOIN] Stephen Reed

From: ben goertzel (
Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 14:58:53 MDT

***A solution, in my opinion, to the hill climbing local optimization of
design/effort space, is a roadmap that covers enough behaviors so that
local maximums are surpassed by global maximums. For example we could
improve deductive reasoning for a very long time, but if Induction,
Abduction, Estimation, Prediction, Modeling, and Problem Solving are
desired Cyc activities, then we will allocate resources to these other
behaviors, even to the detriment of progress in deduction. At the moment
we have no such roadmap, but I am influencing our management in that
direction, and helping to write government proposals that mention them.


Yes, of course this is correct -- the "roadmap" you're describing is a
variant of the "long-term Cyc design vision" document I was asking about in
my previous e-mail.

It is good to hear that you're pushing Cyc in this direction ;)

more l8r

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