Re: Funding for SIAI

From: Mike & Donna Deering (
Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 09:16:40 MDT

Eliezer, somewhere back in the archives you mentioned that you were not yet ready for widespread publicity but that when you were ready to hire a programming team you would need to increase your public awareness in order to increase your funding. Based on your recent statements, apparently the situation has advanced. If you are now ready for a combination fund raiser / publicity stunt maybe we should hold a contest to brainstorm ideas. The winner could be guaranteed a free uploading sometime in the future. Or if that is too dear, how about an autographed copy of DGI?

Mike Deering.

P.S. Stephen Reed, glad to see new members in our age bracket. Do you remember slide rules? I used to have a nice english one with wheels instead of slides.

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