Funding Projects WAS RE: Finding for SIAI

From: Justin Corwin (
Date: Sun May 19 2002 - 23:01:56 MDT

Ben, Eli

There are a couple others on this list with AGI or software projects in the
works, but these are the two that I'm aware of, and have researched a bit.

Now, the occasionally philosophic tussling between you two aside, you're
both rather close to each other in Goals, difficulties and so on.

So, my question is, what to do about money?

I have very limited experience in this arena. I've funded one project, and
had enough money to get it through initial stages, but the project itself
flopped for different reasons. Plus, we got very lucky, getting funded the
way we did. It nearly fell into our lap.

But it seems that funding such projects should be first priority. Because
money is power, and increased money leads to increased rate of development.
So if you blitz, get word and so on into the VC community, and out to Angel
investors, and stuff, and double your income, the net effect could be
greater than if you spent all that time working on more "AIish stuff".
Because the influx of money gets you increased equipment, staff, and
support. thus allowing you to work faster and better. (presumably)

This is a rather recent thought of mine, so excuse the "It's so obvious"
quality. It's why I'm spending more time improving my situation than on my
projects right now. Because if I can bootstrap myself into a decent
financial situation, I'll have more to work with. Previously, I've had
something of a bohemian meme running around my head, saying "money is bad,
productive work is work spent on a idealogically pure perspective"! The
problem is that whoring around for money first allows you to achieve the
actual goal faster, even if you lose the comfortable feeling of only working
on Good things. And that's better.


Justin Corwin
"We can rebuild him, we have the technology, make him faster, stronger,
better than before..."
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