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From: Michael Roy Ames (
Date: Fri May 17 2002 - 20:14:54 MDT

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From: Smigrodzki, Rafal <>
> The recent factorization of the number 15 by a quantum
> mechanical algorithm makes the existence of the other branches of reality
> increasingly difficult to ignore.
> Rafal

Hold the phone! Inference error! The existence of Quantum Mechanics
theory, and its practical application to quantum computing, does not infer
the truth or falsehood of the Multiverse POV. AFAIK the Multiverse POV has
provided no additional predictions over those given by QM. I haven't heard
of even a single test that might prove the M-POV true, or false, or even
change the likelihood of it at all. (Or have I missed something?) On the
other hand, QM has predicted lots of things, and has been tested over and
over and proven correct (so far).

QM = Hard-Won Scientific Truth circa 2000 CE
M-POV = Colourful Imagery

But Rafal, I don't wish to deprive you of your colourful imagery B^D... it
tends to come in mighty useful when attempting to imagine improvements to
our current model of reality! Yes?

I sincerely hope that Quantum Computing proves-out its early promise, it
could put an additional exponent of 'more' into Moore's Law.  If it proves
practical, then you can bet the year QC kicks in will see an not a doubling,
but a 256-fold increase in computing power, partly because current bandwidth
problems will be completely side-stepped by QC chips.
Somebody is going to make a giga-fortune on it.  Any bets on who?
Unfortunately, QC will still leave the biggest problem of all unsolved:
software to safely use all that power.  (sigh)  Back to the coding
Michael Roy Ames

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