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From: Alejandro Dubrovsky (
Date: Fri May 17 2002 - 06:40:18 MDT

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Mike & Donna Deering ( said:

You think the Deep Blue
II beating Garry was a parlor trick? I happen to be a chess master and I
can tell you that what happened there was amazing. It is often sited the
billions of moves per second that DB was checking, as if it beat Garry
pure brute force. Garry went into that match knowing that you can't beat
Garry that way. Garry threw a fit and accused the IBM team of cheating.
Why? Because DB thought beyond the board, simulating Garry himself, and
used a psychological ploy to trick Garry into making a bad move and
the game. There was much more going on in that program than chess. 
i don't know wether you are joking or not, but since it's in tune with
the rest of your email, i'll assume you were serious.  In the last
couple of months, four off-the-shelf programs running at a measly 1.4
GHz beat Boris Gulko (two-times US champion, ex-USSR champion, no
Kasparov but a strongish GM i hope you agree) 5-3 .  In the currently
running Junior on a measly 2Ghz P4 vs GM Mikhail Gurevich, Junior is up
2-0.  Kasparov had already lost to a mediocre (by today's standars)
program (Genius 3.0 IIRC) in 1994 (or maybe 1993) in lightning. 
Computers on fics and icc regularly beat IM and GMs and have fics
ratings in the 2600s.  The fastest of these programs maybe hits 1
million nodes/sec, and you think you have to resort to simulate Garry,
to just beat Garry with a 200 million boards/second beast?  

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