RE: So I'm going to start documenting *my* work

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 22:20:06 MDT

> One of the generally interesting and useful things I've noticed
> relatively recently is that it appears that the Halting Problem can
> essentially be ignored. Any problem that exceeds a certain complexity
> will stop at a best approximation when it hits the complexity limit of
> the model, and infinite loop type situations that fit within the
> complexity limit of the model are immediately detected simply as a
> consequence of the organization.

Yes, but the catch is that for a complex problem, the "best approximation"
may be a very bad one ;>

> This became apparent to me quite a while back. The reason that one of
> my long-time favorite rants is about the hardware limitation being
> memory rather than CPU is that inadequate CPU will just make things run
> slower, but inadequate memory pretty much leaves you hosed. Inadequate
> CPU may make things slow but at least it will get the right answer
> eventually; inadequate memory is a "brick wall" limiter on effective
> intelligence at any speed, IMO.

Sure, but inadequate memory on a single machine can be turned into adequate
memory on a distributed system, at the cost of accepting a significant


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