Re: Quest for trans guide.

From: Michael Anissimov (
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 10:22:07 MDT

>> I bet you are real popular with serial killers and child molesters.
>> Maybe you should look to the death row crowd for funding.
>Shock level reaction manifests. Eliezer was right about that too.

And this is just the shock level divide between an SL3 (I presume) and
a high SL4...imagine the divide between an ignorant SL-1 and a
community of SL4s. The luddites are going to crucify us if we aren't
careful. It was very wise to move the AI plan from an open-source to a
programming-team strategy. Just recently someone wrote "a friend of
transhumanism not a friend of humanity" or something along those
lines. What about a friend of a "crazy machine thats going to take
over the world and force everyone to fuse with it?". We have to be
very, very careful what audiences we target, stay out of the luddite
radar, and initiate a quiet, fast, professional Singularity. If
someone is willing to break the law to bomb an abortion clinic, what
would they do to SIAI if they knew about it, and it started making real
progress? If you look at the Singularity from a purely legal
standpoint, and you are ignorant, it can in theory be interpreted as
theft, building a superintelligent AI without a permit (heh), property
damage, an ungodly act, even possibly *genocide* (if you think that
uploading=death, and the Singularity will upload everyone.) In any
paper written about the Singularity, I think it is very wise to
mention "respect of volition" numerous times to make sure people get
the point.


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