Singularity consortium website meme. Spread it!!!!

From: Max Comess (
Date: Tue Apr 30 2002 - 22:03:50 MDT

Dear cyc, thebrain, sl4, kurzweilai, altnet, ATT, Columbia NLP,

The Singularity Consortium:

We need a website for ALL of us. We should be working TOGETHER. We need to have ONE PLACE where all discoveries, ideas, software, etc can be placed or linked to for maximum exposure for maximum effect to the maximum number of people, people who are actively working towards the same goal.... even if they don't yet realize it.

Imagine what would happen when you combine all of your products and technologies together. Imagine a website utilizing theBrain interface as a GUI that is linked into and powered by altnet. Altnet is run within the KaZaA p2p client. According to the KaZaA website, over 68 million clients have been downloaded, 2.6M in the last week. SETI only has like 3.7 million users, according to their site, and they manage over 30TFlops. I bet the Altnet system could probably crank out PFlops. Imagine if the cyc knowledge server is also used on this site, combined with natural language audio processing technology such as that developed by ATT, but run by Altnet to process speech faster then it can be spoken, and to have works summarized by the software that underlies NewsBlaster. is a good example of what a site using the Brain GUI can look like.

Altnet: You should run only these types of applications. Instead of being compensated financially, people who donate cycles will be able to have access to this huge and growing net of intelligent software running on a ~PFlop computer! Developers and members of the singularity consortium would of course also have access, which would enable them to design further intelligence into the system until Altnet starts to take off on it's own and becomes aware....

It could be a massive joint effort between all the companies and individuals involved in AI and singularity enabling research, a grand final push that will get us over the edge, when all of us realize that we are in something much bigger then anything that has EVER come before, and that the potential is INFINITE. Forget the market, forget the forecasts, forget money, forget the investors and the vc's and the angels, forget all of that. This is bigger then all of that... Remember EVERY second counts and this is a matter of LIFE AND DEATH!!!.

PS: Please PASS THIS MESSAGE ON to whomever you think would be interested, but more importantly, PASS THE MEME!
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  we like your thinking

  altnet inc. :-)
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            How much computing power do you think will be available to this network? And just as a suggestion, I would hope that you will focus on companies that are working on AI such as,,, and the like. Maybe if these sorts of systems were run on this huge distributed computing net it would cause a SINGULARITY much sooner then predicted, which is, by all accounts, a Very Good Thing.

                                                                                Max Comess

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