RE: Quest for trans guide.

From: ben goertzel (
Date: Tue Apr 30 2002 - 15:39:42 MDT

present-day society doesn't require hatred to function - just law.

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Eliezer S. Yudkowsky


Eliezer, I agree that punishing criminals post-Singularity is an absurd

On the other hand, an interesting moral question is whether it's OK to
modify the minds of unhappy and dangerous people *against their will* to
make them happier and less dangerous. Or, alternatively, whether the
morally right thing is just to leave them in illusory VR worlds, unhappy
and dangerous as always. One suspects, however, that this won't be a big
issue for long, in that a superintelligent supermind will probably develop
good ways of convincing (rather than coercing) nearly all unhappy,
dangerous people to willfully accept positive brain modifications...

And I do not full agree with you that "present day society doesn't require
hatred to function," at least not with a literal interpretation of your
statement. I would say that if hatred (including self-hatred) were to
disappear entirely, society would become a very very different, and much
better place. I guess it would still "function" but it would function very
very differently.

-- Ben G

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