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From: Evan Reese (
Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 05:55:48 MDT

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Subject: Re: Different View of IA

> On Saturday, April 27, 2002, at 08:57 AM, Evan Reese wrote:
> > Wow! He cites a (probable) past scenario, and then creates a wholly
> > conjectural future scenario to show that humans do not change. Anybody
> > can
> > prove anything with that kind of reasoning - making up any future
> > occurrences one needs to fit the preconclusion.
> Well, to be fair, I wrote this as cute little stories because I thought
> it might be more illustrative than writing something along the lines of
> "humans have an evolved ethical nature that facilitates the
> stabilization of societies, but because this ethical nature evolved
> without weapons that could destroy a planet or the universe it means
> that the average human cannot be trusted with weapons that can kill more
> than a few humans at a time".

I see your point, and I'm not arguing your thesis. It just may be that my
bs detector is overly sensitive. There's sooo much of it around. I was on
the verge of accusing you of intellectual dishonesty.

Sorry about that; but I still like your second formulation above better.

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