LOGI Question

From: Brian Phillips (deepbluehalo@earthlink.net)
Date: Tue Apr 23 2002 - 16:01:50 MDT

  Have been reading the Levels of Organization in
General Intelligence and am wondering...
  Are you envisioning a GAI that essentially has a
code-deciphering/manipulation metafunction that is
analagous in it's "mind"/"brain" schema to the role our
visual system plays in primates?
  Am I understanding that right? If so won't this thing be... well..
profoundly Alien? (Not that I'm implying malevolent...just..well
 alien.) Granted I'm talking out of a clinical background here,
but ...
  Imagining something, with the general intelligence of.. oh say
a chimp, with that architecture which is analagous to monkey
visual cortex as functions for working/functioning in an
code environment.. I can see such a "infrahuman" GAI
as being insanely difficult to communicate with. Trying to
communicate with evolutionarily-derived biological infrahumans
is bad enough and they "grok" the same environment we do.
  Has it occured to you that it might take a "transhuman" AI
to carry on a "human-level" conversation with you? Assuming it
could somehow be motivated to try? Would such an entity
even be likely to have an ego or "sense of self" as we would
understand it?

(who may be getting Shocked :)

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