MEME RFC: Interview with Eliezer Yudkowsky

From: Anand (
Date: Tue Apr 23 2002 - 12:39:56 MDT

An early version of my interview with Eliezer is available to SL4 and SING
subscribers interested in providing comments or their own question
suggestions. The final version is scheduled to include a short introduction
article (not yet written), 100 or more questions, individual
counter-responses to Eliezer's answers (when appropriate, and not yet
completed), a list of references to his position on different issues and
topics (not yet completed), and a list of references to off and online
singularity-related information (partially completed). Presently his answers
are in their original Internet Relay Chat format. The more complete draft,
which will be made available at a later date to SL4 and SING subscribers,
will have Eliezer's answers edited into complete paragraphs. I have included
a few edited answers into this version to serve as examples. Once the second
draft is completed and made available, no further question suggestions will
be accepted; hence the availability of this early version.

Any publication requests or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance
to those willing to help improve the quality of the publication. Your
comments and question suggestions are very appreciated but not expected. The
early version can be viewed at
All comments, questions, question suggestions, question removal suggestions,
link suggestions et al. should be sent to, not SL4 or
SING. If you would prefer the word document version, please email me.

Best wishes,



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