Re: unsub and SL5

From: Max Comess (
Date: Sun Apr 07 2002 - 13:43:14 MDT

> I hereby define SL5:
> - Stopping the Entropy Death of the Universe.
> - Making Civilization survive the next Big Bang.
> - The relationship between God and Heisenberg
> uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics
> (or how humanity can occupy that quantum
> mechanic space themself and become God).
> Those three combined: maybe we will create God
> ourselfs, the universe collapses and "we" survive
> as a super-intelligence in the form of the
> "uncertainty" (NOT!) that plays a role in the causality
> of microscopic quantum states leading to macroscopic
> (real world) effects.

This is a good idea, and something which I'm pretty sure I will attempt if
it becomes feasable. What better way to be an SI then to be pure energy!!!!

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