Chapter Three.

From: Mike & Donna Deering (
Date: Fri Apr 05 2002 - 12:08:47 MST

Differentiating self replicating systems such as morphogenesis provide a
pattern for a seedai system.
Nucleotides code enzyme cascades to traverse functional levels of meaning
Informational level looping back decodes the message (code) into mental
structure symbol.
Knowledge representation both procedural and declarative require analogies
and comparisons intrinsically whole.
Neural networks for dedicated sense data pre-processing pattern recognition
bridge the levels between raw data and concept AI.
Intelligence being an inherently parallel process can be implemented on
serial hardware architecture only at the expense of efficiency limitation.
Development programs requiring high level creativity do not function under
committee decision making structures.
Neural scanning and uploading strategies do not differentiate themselves
from copy/delete original of nanotech/AI.
Obstacles to truly self modifying programs are designed into the system
software and hardware of all available computers in America.
Political economic power structures are isothermic along emergent
technological boundary states, especially with respect to AI/SI.
Self modifying algorithm design is not taught or discussed in computer
science departments (IMHO).
Existing well funded institutional and corporate research programs are
designed not to produce dramatic results in short order.
Referential recursively related representations contain information on
multiple levels of meaning.

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