"Armchair AI Philosophers" bad?

From: Sam Kennedy (sam_rk@bellsouth.net)
Date: Wed Apr 03 2002 - 01:02:01 MST

>I'm rather impressed that the non-armchair variety of AI philosophers,
>who'd bloodied their noses countless number of times, still haven't lost
>the conviction that they know how to do it.

Here, you seem to say that ordinary people pondering the issues of AI is a bad thing. I'd like to disagree. For one, who's to say that "Armchair AI philosophers" can't come
up with anything new? Anyways, do we really have anything better to do? I think the interest non-experts have in the matter is encouraging, and these random
ponderings can some day grow into a professional interest and talent in AI, on a personal level, for the person doing the pondering. So what if our random thoughts on the
topic aren't "non-armchair"? It seems that the people who work hard at AI (whom I also respect very much), and the "Armchair AI Philosophers" aren't any closer than the
other to the singularity.

Sam Kennedy

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