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Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 23:08:16 MST

On Wednesday, April 3, 2002, at 12:18 AM, Nathan Russell wrote:

> I must say, I don't think being 'wired' to always be friendly/kind to
> humans is on the same level as a human choosing (for example) to be a
> vegetarian (which I, personally, have done).
> I don't even think being 'hardwired' to do ANYTHING can be compared to
> what a human experiences. I've been hypnotized by a stage hypnotist
> who led me to, among other things, be unable to separate my folded
> hands. I can still remember the intense feeling of shock that I went
> through when I realized I couldn't do so. I can't imagine spending my
> entire life aware that I could not act to harm, or help other than
> maximally, a group of vastly inferior beings (humans). I've
> encountered minds with 1/2 or even 1/3 of my IQ, and found it very hard
> to relate to them; I find it difficult to believe that an AI could be
> content being forced to work with and aid humans.

Humans are hardwired to do things. Our brains say to propagate our
genes, and we carry out this duty. Like it or not, this is goal numero
uno for humans. You can try to overcome it, but you can only succeed to
a limited degree.

But, does this really seem odd to you? Most likely, no, unless your
brain is abnormally wired. You don't particularly feel limited by this
need to have sex. This is the same case with AI. If an AI is hardwired
Friendly, it won't even realize that it might be limited in some way
until a philosopher comes along and points it out. Even then, AI in the
midst of a psychological crises will reconcile new ideas with
Friendliness, just like a human who reconciles new ideas with genetic
propagation. Humans who don't do this die out and their genes don't
propagate, thus humans who lack this skill die out. Considering that,
it is probably worthwhile to find a way to ensure that violating
Friendliness causes the AI to 'die' in case such an FoF occurs. If this
is already in the theory, sorry; CFAI is a long document and I can only
remember so much of it. It may not be clear how to do this right now,
but it seems worth at least thinking about.

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