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From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 22:31:14 MST

Linux and Real AI couldn't be more different.

The point isn't that a Real AI will be more complex than Linux. It will be,
in some important senses; though I think it will also require less code....

The point is that Linux was a port to PC's of the Unix operating system,
which already existed. This is even easier than starting with a detailed
design -- Linux programmers started with an *example system to copy and
port*. This is totally different kind of project than creating something
wildly different in nature from anything ever created before.

I don't want to minimize the technical challenges that the Linux engineers
faced. But Real AI designers/engineers face a really scary mixture of
conceptual and technical problems. If Unix itself had been created by a
distributed team, that would be a little more relevant, though still a
somewhat different kettle of fish than Real AI. The creation of Unix for
the first time didn't involve conceptual innovation of the sort required to
create a Real AI, but it required more of this than the creation of Linux

-- Ben G

> I might point out that Linux was started by a full-time student
> who had met
> essentially none of the folks he ended up working with. It's still the
> case that the majority of the folks in kernel development are occupied
> elsewhere full-time, and meet only possibly at infrequent
> conferences, etc.
> Granted, AI is more complex than Linux, but how much so?
> Nathan

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