ANNOUNCE: ExI Resource Directory

From: Anand (
Date: Mon Mar 25 2002 - 21:07:42 MST

The first three sections of the ExI Resource Directory are now available.
The next two sections, presently being developed, will be cognitive science
and nanoscience and nanotechnology. All sections will be updated regularly.
You may want to add all section's subsections (papers, websites, and
miscellaneous) to an "ExI Resource Directory" favorite folder for quicker

Ziana and myself have attempted to create the seed for a near-definitive
resource of high quality information for the transhumanist and
transhumanist-related communities. The directory will help improve our
collective intelligence; our ability to know what work has been done and
work work needs or remains to be done in different areas; our citation
ability; and our collaborative ability and effort. Your support is requested
to assist the development of this project, to help insure its long-term
success and usefulness. Support can be accomplished by the submittance of
high-quality material for inclusion into a present or future section. Anyone
is welcome to develop a new category for a present section, or to develop an
entirely new section. Presently I have reasonably well developed hyperlink
text files on technological benefits and risks and advanced technologies. If
you are interested in developing either or both of these sections, then the
files(s) can be sent to you.

All link corrections, link addition or removal requests, or comments should
be sent to


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