RE: Budapest Open Access Initiative

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sat Mar 23 2002 - 10:38:59 MST

> Actually, I believe it would be more accurate to say that the Soros
> Foundation jumped onto the bandwagon which, as I recall, was
> started rolling
> (at least in the CogSci community) by Steven Harnad, though perhaps LANL
> should go down as true initiator. (Still, I think it was Harnad who
> proposed applying the LANL model to the entire Literature and who
> organized
> the debates in the academic community and so on.)

I think you are right about Harnad's key role in this movement.

Hopefully Soros's money will help all the enthusiastic talk to actually lead
to real results, however.

The idea of free access to scientific papers far predates For
instance, if I'm not mistaken, this was supposed to be part of Ted Nelson's
Xanadu project, envisioned in the late 60's.

But you're right that was the first site to put the idea into
practice in a significant way.

> > Of course, I realize that Soros's (and my) point of view may
> grate against
> > some of the more libertarian members of this list.
> Um... sorry, Ben, but I'll have to mark you down for this one.
> You seem to
> have some pretty odd views of what libertarianism is about.

The libertarian whom I knew best was Sasha Chislenko, and he was pretty
extreme. I'm aware that "libertarianism" encompasses a broad variety of
views! So does socialism....


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