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From: patrick (
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 01:13:46 MST

> Speaking of Vernor Vinge, I've just placed an order for Vinge's new
> revised
> and expanded book "True Names and the Opening of the Cyberspace
> that includes essays by various authors in addition to Vinge's classic
> novella of the title. The book missed its original publication
deadline by
> about a year. I wonder if this is one of the "other projects" he was
> referring to, Damien.

        It's an excellent book. It also contains a cypherpunk article by
Tim May that I found particularly insightful.

> I also understand why you wanted to avoid going with an academic
> American chain bookstores are now owned by conglomerates, not the
> people who loved books, and stores like Waldenbooks refuse to stock or
> even
> special-order any titles from academic presses. At least there is
>, which is the salvation of book-lovers such as myself who
> in
> small cities in remote parts of North America.
> Mike LaTorra

        It's not that they hate (or fail to love) books. They don't
carry some books for good business reasons - like letting Amazon deal
with the gigantic inventory problems involved.

        It's much easier for consumers to get books they want now than
it was fifteen years ago. I haven't had difficulty getting even long out
of print books in some years.

Patrick McCuller

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