RE: Wednesday's chatlog

From: Nathan Russell (
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 20:40:12 MST

At 07:57 PM 3/10/2002 -0700, wrote:
>I also understand why you wanted to avoid going with an academic press.
>American chain bookstores are now owned by conglomerates, not the old-line
>people who loved books, and stores like Waldenbooks refuse to stock or even
>special-order any titles from academic presses. At least there is
>, which is the salvation of book-lovers such as myself who live in
>small cities in remote parts of North America.

This is getting OT, and if any of the list moderators want to let me know
what the policies are, please feel free.

That said, personally I've found that Media Play can order almost anything,
including rather uncommon things. However, as a student who has no car and
lives about one and a half miles from the nearest shopping center, I tend
to order books online in large numbers; shipping is fairly minimal. For
example, I just ordered six novels, five of them by Vinge and Egan, from
Amazon, since discovering this list and transhumanism in general.


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