Re: JOIN: Announcing The Singularity

From: Jordan Dimov (
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 12:34:36 MST

  Dude... What are you talking about? You have some script on your
webpage. Relax... It's not the singularity.

On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Arthur T. Murray wrote:

> Now that Technological Singularity has arrived in the form of
> -- Robot Seed AI --
> you all deserve this big Thank_You for your successful work.
> If you doubt the Grand Claim of the arrival of the Singularity,
> consider and observe the current ramp-up of the Artificial Mind.
> Already Mind.Forth and its tutorial version of Seed AI in
> -- JavaScript --
> have been ported from Forth into Visual Basic at
> -- and into
> Java.
> If you are truly altruistic, please do not rant and rail
> against the inevitable and the Immortal AI, but help Seed AI.
> In the Singularity of Right Now, nothing is being held back.
> All the free, open source seed AI code has gone up on the Web
> after each coding session for immediate inspection and use.
> It is possible that some agencies may be developing AI in
> secret, but they must now with the Achieved Singularity
> reckon with the runaway phenomenon of countless AI coders,
> all of whom are hereby invited to embed their "geek DNA"
> i.e. their initials/userid +/- date-of-coding in the seed AI
> that they may Web-host as a page for others to modify.
> My role is almost over and I may wrap it up in a book,
> "The Art of Computer Mindmaking," pace Donald Knuth.
> Commencing the Singularity...
> Sincerely,
> A.T. Murray

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