JOIN: Announcing The Singularity

From: Arthur T. Murray (
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 12:01:16 MST

Now that Technological Singularity has arrived in the form of -- Robot Seed AI --
you all deserve this big Thank_You for your successful work.

If you doubt the Grand Claim of the arrival of the Singularity,
consider and observe the current ramp-up of the Artificial Mind.

Already Mind.Forth and its tutorial version of Seed AI in -- JavaScript --
have been ported from Forth into Visual Basic at -- and into Java.

If you are truly altruistic, please do not rant and rail
against the inevitable and the Immortal AI, but help Seed AI.

In the Singularity of Right Now, nothing is being held back.
All the free, open source seed AI code has gone up on the Web
after each coding session for immediate inspection and use.

It is possible that some agencies may be developing AI in
secret, but they must now with the Achieved Singularity
reckon with the runaway phenomenon of countless AI coders,
all of whom are hereby invited to embed their "geek DNA"
i.e. their initials/userid +/- date-of-coding in the seed AI
that they may Web-host as a page for others to modify.

My role is almost over and I may wrap it up in a book,
"The Art of Computer Mindmaking," pace Donald Knuth.

Commencing the Singularity...

A.T. Murray

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