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From: Yedidya Weil (
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 07:12:00 MST

Hi All,

What a coincidence! This is my first full day
subscribed to sl4, and the second post I receive is
from a fellow Hebrew U student!
Iím also studying at Hebrew U, mathematics, first
year. (Iíve also been studying CS at Open University
of Israel for the past 1.5 years, Iíll prob. finish
the degree over there.)

Iíve been reading a lot of AI stuff, mostly Eliezerís
stuff, Hofstadter (GEB and Metamagical Themas), and
everything on KurzweilAI, Iíve also read Kurzweilís
ďAge of Spiritual MachinesĒ. ( is nice
too, lots of cognitive science stuff). GEB totally
blew my mind in terms of my world view, iím still
recovering from the shock of incompleteness. I think
future shock is a subset of incompleteness shock.

Iíve been working at as a web applications
developer (mostly ASP/VB and SQL) for the past 2.5
years, and would really like to move on to jobs that
are more intellectually-stimulating, especially in AI.
Unfortunately, we all know the current sorry financial
state of companies like Cyc and a-i, they are not

Some of my current interests/activities:
logic, meditation, playing the saxophone, surfing the
net, nihilism, rollerblades, various metaphysical
systems, sci-fi.

(I'm 22 years old)


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