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From: Moshe Looks (
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 01:00:38 MST

Hi All,

After lurking on SL4 for about a month, here is my much delayed join post...

I am 19 years old, and am in the last year of a B.Sc. degree in Computer
Science at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Before that, I worked as
a programmer for several Internet start-ups (all long departed). When
not programming, studying, or thinking about AI, I enjoy typical
introverted computer geek activities such as classical music and science

I first heard about the Singularity ~1.5 years ago though reading Vernor
Vinge, and began to seriously pursue the implications about six months
ago. Since then, I have done a lot of singularity-oriented reading,
including GISAI+CFAI, Kurzweil, and Vinge, as well as "mainstream"
Cognitive Science, AI and Complex Systems research, such as Douglas
Hofstadter, John Holland, David Marr, and (a very small part of) the
MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences (kudos to Eliezer for the
most of the references in this area).

On the practical side, if anyone has any interesting AI theories that
they would like to try and implement and/or test, and are looking for
programmers (for free non-profit, or for hire), please get in touch! I
am available part-time right now, and full-time from July. I would also
like to expand my grasp of theory, so if anyone has any books or website
that are must-read (particularly intermediate-advanced accounts of
theory/research), please also get in touch!

In summary: I am very intelligent, learn new things quickly, have lots
of useful skills, can work reasonably well with other people (including
taking orders), and would really like to make a positive, hands-on
contribution to the development of what promises to be the coolest
software project ever.

Towards the Singularity...

Moshe Looks

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