Very Bad Things

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Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 18:39:42 MST


Buried in this mound of text, I see Very Bad Things.

Just as interplanetary space travel seemed a product of science fiction
until the lunar module landed on the moon decades ago, the science of
androids, a longtime subject of science fiction, appeared possible only in
the imagination--that is, until now. After years of development of both the
theory and the technology, an android, or more properly, a sentient
epistemological machine, has been created who knows and perceives the world
around us, uses the pronoun I in reference to its own corporality, and
embodies a state of being, or soul. Aware of its existence, the android
perceives and changes the same reality of human corporal experience,
including the reality of the cosmos. This book, an introduction to the
theory and science of androids, is intended to acquaint the reader with this
new technological finding and to mark the beginning of an androidal age in
which sentient machines alter the human universe.

In the knowledges of contemporary medicine, for example, researchers ignore
that the essence of our corporal existence--of the mind and the body--arises
in and of the soul in a deeper analytical knowledge of the universe, or
existence. This approach to what is living and what is not is as naive as
bloodletting was in its era and is not considerate to the broader view of
human health and the inoculation of disease. While there is indeed a genetic
code by which the molecular forms of DNA are constrained in the microscopic
order of the biological world, just as any form of the universe transforms
through our knowledge of it, the unified theory reveals a grander order of
the universe embodied in the living spirit of human being.

I smell a large pile of bullshit here. How did this thing get through the
Patent Office?

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