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Just more acceleration, nothing to see here, everyone get back to work...

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>From Ananova,
Molecular computing 'just around the corner'

Scientists say the future vision of molecule-sized computers could be
closer than many people think.

Leading researchers have told a conference in Boston developments in
nano-technology are years ahead of schedule.

Their confidence stems from the discovery of techniques to build
miniscule working circuits last year.

These involved hooking up tiny devices such as transistors, wires and
switches to form tiny working circuits.

These devices exist in a realm of miniaturisation known as the
nanoscale, between one and a thousand nanometers in size. The diameter
of a single human hair is 150,000 nanometres.

James Ellenbogen, of the US non-profit research group the Mitre
Corporation, said the feasibility of working nanocircuits means: "We
may be five or six years ahead of schedule."

He says some research is nearing the stage where it can be turned over
to industrial production.

Story filed: 10:51 Thursday 14th February 2002

Dan S
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