Re: Sysop hacking

From: Alden Jurling (
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 17:23:19 MST

This sounds kind of like the zones of thought in A Fire Upon the Deep.
If the sysop were to determine that a mind beyond X complexity would potentially be capable of hacking/destroying/subverting the sysop (and hence endangering everyone living in sysop-space), would it make sense for the sysop to put a cap on complexity to prevent anyone from reaching that level?
-Alden Jurling

On Wed, 6 Feb 2002 14:44:12 -0500 wrote:

> This plays on one of my fears - that either the Sysop is always significantly
> greater than everyone else, or else everyone is somehow limited such that they
> are always less than the Sysop.
> Future Me: "I think I'm onto a break-through in remote matter manipulation...."
> Sysop: That would allow anyone to reprogram me and compromise the system.
> "Your access to the research lab is terminated. Please return to the
> playground. Your emigration visa to the Hackers-R-US BBS is denied. I've also
> set your information export quota to zero Pbytes/sec. I'll let you know when
> I've discovered a defense. Until then, everyone's CPU allotment is cut to 10%
> while I search."
> or
> "Until I can find a solution, we are accelerating at MAX perpendicular to the
> galactic plane, to minimize our intersection with hostile light-cones."

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