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<<While the inclusion of "I think" proves that your ego is better
restrained than Elizer's, you must always remember that all ethics are
relative. >>

Actually, this list is where I restrain my ego the most! ;D Why make
unconstructive quips about Eliezer's ego? Doesn't anyone respect him for
what he is doing, what he has done, and what he has wrote? Goodness!

<<> particles, all genes, all living things, all rocks, on many subsequent
> levels and all over the place) is int! egrated into the Final Pattern.
How is this different/better than a gaia spirituality?>>

It could very well be the way the universe works. This presumption is based
on extrapolations of current and past trends, ie life engulfing the surface
of most of the planet in a beautiful order. I have no past in gaia
spirituality/mysticism and don't hold any views not based on rationalism.
The rationalism of my own limited mind, of course.

<<Faith is dangerous -- ALWAYS.>>

Faith in technology? Faith in intellect? Faith in ethics?

<< > create an environment for us that will lead to the greatest possible
> growth/enlightenment/happiness/fullfillment/intelligence/etc,
We appear to already be in that environment. Our challenge lies with
improving ourselves not crawling into a box with lots of blinking LEDs.>>

Oh my. Improving ourselves is transcending onto another level of
implementation. Your "box with blinking LEDs" is a wonderful example of a
stereotype of uploading, however. You could be in a "box with blinking LEDs"
right now, and not know it, if the LEDs were complex enough.

<<That sounds very authoritarian. Please be clear about where you stand on
the political spectrum. >>

I'm a radical libertarian, if you must put me into some political
classification. The Singularity is "arch-anarchy", freedom from all possible
restraints, including those of the laws of physics (when within a simulation,
for sure). The "Sysop" will not restrain us but rather guide us and help us,
putting in necessary guidelines for a smoothly functioning Omega State. I
dislike this word "Sysop". It conjures up images of Matrix-y manipulative
AIs. From now on, I will refer to the "Sysop" concept as the "Singularity
Transsentience", I think that might have a much better connotation. Yez.

<<An AI can do many things. But that alone has never been nor ever will be
at all connected with what is right, proper, and just.>> comment.

That's all folks! =D

Michael Anissimov

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