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<<My understanding of the desirablity of simulation remains patchy...>>

Isn't this the "Shock Level 4" list, where "people with extremely high levels
of future shock hang out"?

<<could not tolerate such tyrany, no matter how benevolant. Take that
away, and much of the argument for simulation falls through....>>

You tolerate the tyranny of the laws of physics and the human condition...a
Sysop is not an "oppressive tribal chief", in the words of Eliezer. I read,
understood, and appreciated all of Eliezer's works before I even dared to
post on this list. They're the central, most comprehensive collection of SL4
writings out there, and this is the SL4 list, so I recommend everyone reads
the essential prerequisites to Singularitarian thought in lieu of laziness.

<<Would you
really so casually brush asside _ALL_ Life including people who disagree
with the "sysop"... >>

Life would just be implemented on a higher level, not brushed aside. It's
impossible to disagree with the "Sysop", because it would be so darn smart,
and know what's best for you and the universe, even better than parents "know
what is best" for their children! Imagine that!

Michael Anissimov

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