Re: Revision of "Simulations" essay available.

From: Alan Grimes (
Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 14:52:03 MST

> The long overdue revision of "SIMULATIONS: A Singularitarian Primer"
> is now available at

I actually read through all of it, even though that was not my first

My understanding of the desirablity of simulation remains patchy...

However there seems to be an underlying premice, that a "Big
Brother"/"nany"/"G0D" AI should be ruling everyone's life.

I could not tolerate such tyrany, no matter how benevolant. Take that
away, and much of the argument for simulation falls through....

As for myself, as a future SI, I would definitely cultivate the capacity
to simulate just as my own immagination motovates and guides my actions
in my daily life, however I would have very little use for a simulation
of any level of accuracy outside myself except as a setting for
interaction with other entities, similar to what one sees in MMORPGS
such as everquest. I certainly would resist having it be my primary

Also mentioned is the destruction of all natural habitat within which
human life could be sustained in favor of computonium... Would you
really so casually brush asside _ALL_ Life including people who disagree
with the "sysop"...

I consider such scenereos apocolyptic.


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