Uploading fears

From: Michael Roy Ames (michaelroyames@hotmail.com)
Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 12:18:31 MST

Alan Grimes wrote:
> While I am a strong advocate of AI research, as well as invasive but
> nondestructive IA, I am a vigrorous _opponent_ of the current proposals
> for uploading, especially the proposal by Egan in Diaspora.

Why would you oppose uploading?
What possible harm could it do you for other people to upload?
Why would you want to impose your will upon others in this manner?
Nowhere (on SL4 & SIAI) have I read a proposal to make
uploading mandatory... on the contrary, one of the main themes
is to outlaw violation of volition. That means: If you don't want
something to happen *to you* then it doesn't happen.

> It is too often mixed in with these, often ludacrous, ideas about
> "brain uploading." Kurzweil is probably the single worst offender.
> I find the ideas surrounding uploading so revolting to everything I
> value that I cannot condone it.

Who's asking you to? Many people are going to find the idea of
uploading a total nightmare to contemplate no matter what anybody
explains to them. But... so what? There are places in the world
today were personal flagellation, piercing and 'bleeding' are looked
upon a holy rites, and worthy of honour. Not for me, thanks ;p
But I'm not going to object to others whipping themselves raw, if
that's what 'does it' for them.

> Ever since I read Diaspora about a month ago, I have
> been haunted by nightmares of being gooed for my own good.

That's a definite case of Future Shock you've got there (All be it future
that hasn't yet arrived) --> my sympathies :-{

> While I continue to support AI/Nanotech, I at the same time demand
> strong assurances from everyone whom I work with on singulatarian
> activities that I will never be subject to such a process.

I'll certainly never force it on you. And, and far as it is possible to
I wouldn't build an AI that would force you either... that's the whole point
of Friendly AI : it's friendly.

> BTW: For the record; should I ever discover that I have been uploaded,
> my cheap xerox copy will dedicate every computational cycle available
> towards bringing about the complete obliteration of whatever entity was
> responsable-- Inflicting any possible level of pain in the process...

Well, although I can identify with the feeling of wanting-to-take-revenge,
I suspect that you 'cheap xerox copy' may have a mind of its own...
just like you do.

Michael Roy Ames
Ottawa, Canada

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