Singularity Memetics.

From: Alan Grimes (
Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 11:42:53 MST


While I am a strong advocate of AI research, as well as invasive but
nondestructive IA, I am a vigrorous _opponent_ of the current proposals
for uploading, especially the proposal by Egan in Diaspora.

While the singularity meme in general has a lot to reccomend it,
radicaly increased wealth, extended lifespans, and other improvments. It
is too often mixed in with these, often ludacrous, ideas about "brain
uploading." Kurzweil is probably the single worst offender.

I find the ideas surrounding uploading so revolting to everything I
value that I cannot condone it. Ever since I read Diaspora about a month
ago, I have been haunted by nightmares of being gooed for my own good...

While I continue to support AI/Nanotech, I at the same time demand
strong assurances from everyone whom I work with on singulatarian
activities that I will never be subject to such a process...

BTW: For the record; should I ever discover that I have been uploaded,
my cheap xerox copy will dedicate every computational cycle available
towards bringing about the complete obliteration of whatever entity was
responsable-- Inflicting any possible level of pain in the process...


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