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From: Josh Yotty (
Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 22:50:55 MST

How many people, upon hearing about the Singularity, will strap on bombs
(well, make other people strap on bombs) and fly to Atlanta? How irrational
are the religious? For instance:

(In this scene I am surrounded by several Baptists. I am bored and want to
hear their rationalizations.)
Myself: "Did you know that the bible says pi equals three?"
(Multiple nuh-uhs, naws, et cetera)
Myself: "Can I borrow your bible?"
[flips through...]
Myself: "See. Thirty cubits around and ten across. That means that God is
off by roughly .14159..."
Girl: "Well, maybe _our_ understanding is incomplete and _we're_ the ones
who are wrong!"
Myself: [jaw dropped. speechless]

I don't think I comprehended just _how_ far people will go when their
beliefs are contradicted by somebody until she said that.

We should be careful a out how we spread this meme. Too little publicizing
is unfair to humanity. Too much is suicidal. So how do we find the middle of
the road? That is, how do we inform the public as much as possible without
causing some freak that has been "told" by God/Allah/Yahweh to send his
loyal followers to martyr themselves?

- Josh Yotty

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