Re: Introducing Deacon Kuhns - The Warrior Monk

From: Paul Hughes (
Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 16:25:25 MST

--- Deacon Kuhns <> wrote:

> I have a plan to get the world safely to a
> post-human state. It does not involve no sex.
> Quite the opposite. It does not involve turning off
> the television. Again, quite the opposite. I
> firmly believe that transhumanism is an extension of
> humanism. If you can't have fun being human, why do
> you think you'll have fun being posthuman?

I'm in total agreement with you Deacon. So much that
I am about half way through writing a book with FUN
being one of its central premises. I have been a
transhumanist since the age of 11 (1976), although I
did not know of or use the term then.

In the meantime I highly encourage you to read 'The
Hedonistic Imperative', as you seem like one of the
few who sees the "light" as it were. Here is the URL:



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