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Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 16:13:34 MST

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 << personal, microcosmic singularity (is that a new term?) >>

Yes it is, but I've thought about it before. But you obviously haven't
experienced a true personal singularity, or you'd be a god ;)
 "The Singularitarian experiences personal growth analogous to his vision of
future progress"


No, but the pinnacle of this movement won't need or want sex or television,
because better things will be uncovered. I LOVE FUN, nobody get me wrong.
You're not the only Singularitarian who stands up for having fun in the
anthropocentric sense.

It might just be easier to contain this meme rather than spreading it...but I
think we should make a decision on this quick. I truely am not sure on the
issue. But if we are going to start spreading it, I think we should do it
aggressively and immediately. Maybe we can find a reconciliation between
ultraconservative memetics and pragmatic memetics..."practical memetics"?

Michael Anissimov

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