RE: Singularity Fun Theory (was: Ethical basics)

From: John Smart (
Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 20:01:58 MST

Alan Grimes wrote:
> Writing important sounding papers gives Eleizer an ego rush. Couple that
> with the inherant appeal of the subject and you see why the highly
> unscientific 'paper' was written.

Alan, just because a paper doesn't include equations or broadly-known
definitions of terms doesn't make it unscientific. Systems theory in
particular seems to fit this bill. All modern physical theory started out
as, believe it or not, natural philosophy. (That's a worthwhile history to
investigate, by the way).

Eliezer's work is clearly top rate, IMO. Any disagreements we have remain
fully professional, and quite possibly quite temporary (if you see yourself
as a continually learning organism, as I know he and I both do). If you
choose to take that path with your own disagreements I suggest your
intellectual life will be vastly richer as a result.


John Smart
Understanding Accelerating Change

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