RE: Ethical basics

From: Jerry Mitchell (
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 19:22:39 MST

> Alot of cheesy SciFi AI plots involve a AI programmed to play
> some game that gets all mixed up and becomes evil, it might not be a good
idea to play to that fear.
> -Alden Jurling

True, Ive seen my share of cheesy sci-fi, but honestly, there are millions
of people right now interacting with software based entities that are
simulating consious beings (even if its being done poorly, like in quake).
This isnt something we will have to change much, just the sophistication of
the software. People wont even notice the incremental upgrade in
intelligence till its too late. Hell, most people playing these games are
begging for AI upgrades. :)

Like boiling a frog, as long as the heat gets turned up slowly, they wont
even noticed till their well cooked and wont try to jump out.

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