RE: Ethical basics

From: Jerry Mitchell (
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 19:17:17 MST

>I own my life. I have the right to do whatever I want with my life. I've
>decided to spend my life being altruistic. I respect your right to be
>selfish. Is there a reason why you can't respect my right to be
>altruistic? If you have the right to decide for yourself whether or not
>to be selfish, then I have the right to exercise that same free decision
>in order to choose altruism. I haven't asked for political rulership on
>the basis of my supposed altruism, I haven't told anyone else to be
>altruistic or go to jail, I haven't proposed that non-altruists be placed
>in gulag, and I haven't called for the censorship of overly selfish
>publications. Isn't it enough that you have the right to be selfish? Why
>do you demand that everyone else be selfish too?

Where have I shown that I didnt respect your right to be altruistic? Is
questioning the validity of altruism disrepect? If so, then Im guilty.
What does "Isnt it enough that I have a right to be selfish" mean? You think
I shouldnt have that right? Your the first person to bring up the right to
Where did I demand anything, including that you belive as I do?
I simply asked why.

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